Books 451-455

Oh, yay!
You're all still here!
I was so afraid
after last Wednesday's
spastic post
you had all run off
to join the pygmies.
let's face it,
running off to join
the circus
has been done already.)
I'm so glad you all
weren't scared off
by the massive
Worm Genocide of 2011.

That makes me happy.
(By "that,"
I mean the fact that you all
stuck around.
Not the fact that
all those poor worms died.
Let's have a moment of silence for them.)

Want to know what else makes me happy?

This book:

It's a favorite.
It also makes me sad,
Ms. Diana Wynne Jones recently passed away.
I find it incredibly upsetting that
I will never be able to
buy her a pint at a pub
and listen to all the writer gossip.
She was a very cool lady
a great storyteller.
I wish I had had the chance to meet her.

Oh dear.
Now I need to figure out how to transition
to our next book.

I never met Katherine Drexel,
horrible transition,

My dad went to Drexel for college.
This book seems very patriotic.

I am at a loss for words.

And Mr. H.G. Wells isn't helping.

Even though it has a boring cover,
I love this book's title,
An Outline of History, Revised,
because it makes me think
Mr. Wells is rewriting history
to include the
Alien Landing of 1402,
the Finger Painting Renaissance of 1789,
of course,
the future Worm Genocide of 2011.
Well done,
Mr. Wells.
This is a history book I approve of.

Ms. Austen!

I was wondering
when you'd show up here.
You're certainly fashionably late,
about two book cases or so.
That's okay.
I like your cover art.
that bonnet
and the placement of the arm
of the girl in the foreground
makes it look like
the girl on the left
has her head on backwards.
Who knows?
Maybe she does.

Oh, wow!
This is an exciting day!

Now we have three authors I've read.
(The first two being
Ms. Jane Austen
Ms. Diana Wynne Jones,
of course.)
I'm guessing several of you out there
read Mr. E.B. White
as a kid.

Let's end today with an impromptu poll!

What was your favorite E.B. White book?

Mine was Stuart Little,
but that's because
I like miniatures.

Ok, go!