Books 446-450

Want to know
a few things going on right now?
I'm going to tell you,

There's a mass worm genocide
going on outside right now.
No news stations
have picked up on the story
as of yet,
I'll keep you posted just in case.

I have the song
"Off the Map"
by Alkaline Trio
stuck in my head.
That's okay.
I like Alkaline Trio.

Mr. George Gissing
has a typo
in his title.

That's only one woman
on the cover.
She is singular,
not multiple.
of course,
she has a multiple personality disorder.
Then I'm wrong,
and I do apologize.
But whatever.

I had soup for lunch.
It was tomato bisque.

we officially have at least
two copies of this book.

this cover makes me think of
the end of that
Monty Python movie,
but of course now I can't remember the title.
Go figure.
Yell it out in the comments.

This next book is kind of timely.

Cause it's April and all.

I like the color green.
And yes,
it is important you know that.
I have no clue.

There's green out side now.
Because it's Spring.
That makes me happy.

This next book is actually mine.

I think it was a birthday present
or something.
It's been a long time since I read it,
but if I remember correctly,
there was water in it.
And babies.

Our last book is actually rather interesting.
The cover is made out of wood
it opens like an accordion.
That's pretty awesome.

It's also very pretty inside.

still pretty.

If you couldn't tell from those two pages,
this last book was called
A Book of
Famous and Beautiful Chinese Ladies
From All Antiquities.

I just made a face at the computer,
but you couldn't see it
so you'll just have to take my word for it.
I'm don't know why I did that.
I just did.

This week's clue for my
Super, Awesome, Amazing, Exciting Secret
(okay, it's probably not all that great)
42 and 71.

This post is proof that
I should not be allowed to have
more than two cups of coffee a day.
It's also why I'm not allowed
to have sugar in my coffee.

The End.