Books 441-445

Today is a day
for answering some
Very Important Questions.

You are probably asking yourself:
Why is this flower crying?

Clearly it is upset
that it has been forced to pose
on a cover
with a mismatched title.
the flower is crying.
"Why is there no avenue on this cover??
It wouldn't need to be a Grand avenue.
It could just be an Okay avenue.
But, why??!!!"

It's okay,
That would make me cry
flower petals,

Speaking of mismatched
covers and titles,
here we must ask ourselves why
the play-that-must-not-be-mentioned-or-whatever-it's-macbeth
has been given so dowdy a cover?

Clearly these thrifty publishers
(See what I did there?)
were unable to afford a proper cover artist
and were forced to use
a scarf
to symbolically stand for
all the blood and guts and gore.
Too bad they got the wrong color
for all of that,

Another pressing question today,
which I'm sure many of you
Dear Readers
have been wondering since
day two here
(because day one really wasn't that interesting):
How do I become a repeat offender
on Books On My Parents' Shelves?

Become friends with my parents.
Or anyone in my family.
We tend to hold onto multiple copies of
our friends and families' books.

Or just send us books.
It takes us ages to go through them.
It's very likely they'll be scanned
and added to these archives
before we donate them
or pass them off to some unsuspecting person.

As for our last two
Very Important Questions
of the day:
Does my mother have a journal?

Has she forgotten this one is hers?
Quite possibly.

You're welcome, mum.