Books 386-390, Guest Post

Due to extenuating circumstances,
I was unable to write today's post.
Filling in for me is my older sister,
She's awesome.
I can't thank her enough.
four or five thanks
and some Doctor Who should do it.

Look, ladies and gentlemen:
I've graduated to real book covers!
No magazines or awards in sight!

I've actually read this first book.
I think I really enjoyed it,
but I'm not sure.
At the moment,
I'm just trying to figure out how
that tag line managed to make it into print
without being censored.

I guess it does say it is uncensored.
So that makes it all okay.

I really have very little to say about this next book
... except that when I was a kid
I thought Karl Marx was one of the Marx brothers,
and I was very confused about all the controversy surrounding him.
I mean really?
Who doesn't like Duck Soup?
If you don't,
then there is something wrong with you.
I also thought Lenin was John Lennon,
which tells you how I learned history.

I'm not sure what one finds in The Devil's Dictionary.
I'm not even sure why one would choose to read such a book.
I also have no idea if this is non-fiction or a novel.
If it's non-fiction,
I would really like to know how
and from what sources
Mr. Bierce got his information.

And I'd really like to know what is coming out of the mouth of that mask.
Just saying.

Something tells me
that the cover artist for Ms. McGowin's book
didn't know what a labyrinth was.
Because a couple of trees
and some psychedelic mist
really don't connote either a maze or Alzheimer's.

But actually,
this cover also makes me a little sad,
because it makes me think of Terry Pratchett.

And moving on from that somber moment,
and a most inappropriate next cover:

I like circus fonts.
But I'm not entirely sure why this is titled Salted Peanuts.
It probably has something to do with elephants.
I kind of wish they had put an elephant on the cover of this
- maybe just an outline or something.
And I'm kind of craving peanuts.
And the circus.

Anyway, that's it for me.
Maybe SM will let me come out of my cage again soon.