Books 381-385

recently I've started glancing at the blog
Awful Library Books.
It's another books blog
featuring books that are being weeded
from library collections.
A lot of the books are just dated.
Kind of like this one here:

The big difference is,
I'm not weeding books.
I can revel in the
Great Awkwardness of Stereotypes
and go to sleep knowing
that this book is still sitting
safely on the shelf
over by the window.

Also dated and awkward
would be this next book.

This book features awkward bears,
and while the title indicates
this book is about hugging,
I'd like to think they are actually
about to start a
bear-throwing contest
of epic proportions.

There are some pretty big name authors
(not literally)
in this next book.

Wouldn't it be funny if
a bunch of authors all got together
and submitted
the exact same story
to the same anthology?
I bet that would really irritate the editors.
They'd also have to rename the book
Point of View.
I bet that wouldn't sell well.

Normally I enjoy Mr. Trudeau's work,
but today I think we need to have a
Serious Conversation
about today's title.

It would not have been difficult
to add an 's' to 'meetings.'
And I really wish Mr. Trudeau had done that.
As the title stands,
and with the cover image as it is,
sounds like a very dubious act.
I do not want to know
what is going on in that hot tub.

This next book agrees with me.

But it agrees with me in a slightly nicer tone
and a not-so-nice font.
I wouldn't trust
this last book's opinion too much,
It's cover character is a litterer.