Books 421-425

Look how time flies.
It's just about April.
Good-bye, winter.
Please don't come back.
Don't come back.

In other news,
my cat, Phebe, is going to hate me.

Circus cat!
she's going to hate me.

Why is this scan of the cover of
Love in the Time of Cholera
missing part of the title?

I have no clue.
Am I mildly bitter about it?
You bet.
Does it also make the book sound like
a chronometric medical textbook?

Somehow I think
means something different here
than the whole
turn-your-homework-in-on-time deadline we're used to.

the cover art does accurately reflect
how I feel about deadlines.
So maybe it is about turning in
marketing requisitions
on time.

This next book was written by
my parents' friend,
Mr. Jack Noone.

My mother did not design the cover.
Just so you know.
It would be a lot more
aesthetically appealing if she had.

I could use about
a hundred years
of solitude right now.
Or a hundred days.
Or a hundred minutes.

Or I could just stare at this cover.
That's relaxing, too.
Let's not talk about the font color choices,

Today's clue:
Microchips. For cats.