Books 416-420

Good days are made up of
lazy mornings,
lots of sunshine,
cups of coffee,
and a purring Phebe cat.

it means I get around to posting
a little later than normal,
but whatever.
It's a good day.

Study this next book.
It will be reappearing on this site
at least two more times,
if not more.

Don't ask me why we have so many copies of
Love in the Time of Cholera.
My mum just really likes it or something.

I just got worried for a minute.

For a second,
seeing the title,
I thought this was the sequel to
Gone With the Wind,
which I hated.
But then I realized the cover was too nice
to be that.
We just got a lucky break there.
Thank Ms. Binchy.

I should know this next book.
I should have read it already.

But I haven't.
The title is familiar,
but that's about it.
There really aren't enough hours in the day
to read all of the books I'd like to.
based entirely off of this cover,
I will imagine that the title brothers
are experimental artists
getting ready for their first art gallery opening,
but the sudden murder of the curator
forces them to become undercover detectives
on the side.
Hijinks ensue.

We have a small theme today.

Love in places and times.
Love seems to happen
in places and in different periods of time,
so that works,
though it does sound like the boring basis
to a high school English lecture.

and that ice cream looks really awkward.
Just saying.

Mr. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
is taking advantage of his debut post
to stake his claim as a repeat offender.

He's done it very nicely.
I'm kind of in love with this cover.
I could stare at it for a good while.
But instead I'll be nice
and give you today's clue.

Dropkick Murphys.

(Please note,
clues are subject to change, interpretation,
and might not be literal aspects of
the Secret.
I probably should have made this disclaimer
when I started the clues.
Oh well.