Books 411-415

Sometimes I'm a little careless.
I get so overwhelmed by the little things
cluttering up my day,
and I forget to check in on the people around me.

So, hi!
How's it going?
Are you looking forward to the weekend?
I am.
I hope your week hasn't been too cluttered.
And I hope you have fun stories
to share with the people in your life.
You can share them with me,
if you like.

Let's look at some books,
shall we?
Because that's kind of what we do here.


Two things here.
I want a calligraphy pen.
It can use regular ink, though.
I imagine blood would probably clot the tip up.
What are protocols one through three?
Shouldn't we learn them first,
before discussing
the fourth protocol?

I'm not quite sure what's going on with
this next cover.

The fabric is pretty and all
and I like the green detail,
but what does that have to do with the title?
Are they going to make the boy
a suit out of the fabric?
Is that why he's "suitable?"

This cover is very pretty.

I also like the title.
I imagine I would like the book, too,
but considering I have no clue
what it's actually about,
that's probably a very silly assumption.

I'm pretty sure
Ms. Joyce Carol Oates
is one of the authors my mother
enjoys reading.

So she might not like the fact that
I totally imagined this book
being about a cannablistic gourmet restaurant.
Sentence fragments for titles
often make my imagination run off
on very awkward directions.
Have I mentioned what I think of vampires before?
They're cannibals on a liquid diet.
Goodness, I'm rambling.

See what sentence fragments do to me?

So of course we have to have
another fragment title.

Darkly what?

This is very dissatisfying.

Stupid authors with their stupid titles.
If I ever get published,
I'm going to name my first book
and my second book
"Book 2"
and so on.
It might not be very creative,
but at least when someone asks,
"What was that book by SM called again?"
it'll be funny.

I didn't forget.
Today's clue for my secret is: