Books 406-410

Today is a very gray day,
but despite that
I've decided it's actually a
Good Mood Day.
Even during grumpy-inducing madness,
I kind of feel like
jumping up and down.

I have a secret.

It's a very exciting secret.

unless you're one of the
Good Secret-Keeper People
I've already told,
you're not going to find out
what that secret is
in this post.

Don't be disappointed,
We're going to start a new game.
We're going to start ending
our books post
with little clues.
Maybe you can guess my secret.
Maybe not.
You're welcome to try.

And after awhile,
when I get bored of this game
when it seems like a good time
I'll let the rest of you in
on my secret.

Sound good?

Iron John thinks so.

Look at that sly expression.
He already has a guess or two,
but he's not sharing.
He's also working on his chameleon skills.
Those trees aren't going to blend into themselves,
you know.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but Ms. Atwood is now
a repeat offender,
isn't she?

She first appeared way back when
in our first,
really boring post.
That post was so dull,
I didn't think she'd come back to visit us again.
It's nice to know she doesn't hold grudges.

Speaking of repeat offenders.

Mr. Doctorow is back.
This time he's submitting a book about
gentleman hanging out in eggs.
I guess there were only so many times
he could submit
City of God
for our amusement.

I know this next story!

It's really called
"Working Without Benefits."
It's the story of
working-class America
and what happens when you catch a cold.

Oh no!

Why would you want to kill
Mister Watson?
Has Mr. Matthiessen not seen the new
BBC Sherlock?
Someone call Martin Freeman
and tell him to hide!

On that panicked note,
our small clue of the day:
The letter B.