Books 401-405

Have you ever had one of those days where
everything seems to be running
about half an hour behind schedule
the stress of it all
makes you feel like your coffee
has snuck up behind you
and is about to hit you
over the head
with a cement thermos?


Today kind of feels like that.

Is it nap time yet?
I'm ready to go home.

Speaking of home.

These girls are already there.
in this book,
doesn't look like that great a place,
The girl on the left appears to be
petrifying into the porch railing.
And the girl on the right seems to be
dissolving into watercolor pencil lines.
That can really put a damper on an evening.

This next magazine thing
marks the end of shelf five
on the second bookcase.

Very exciting.
I'm trying to figure out why the
is in bold.
Maybe all of the stories inside the magazine
had to do with checking the
ph balance of things?
or maybe the title was typed up wrong
and it was supposed to be called
"Hyp Hen."
That would be amusing.
I would totally read a magazine called
"Hyp Hen."
After all,
hens are pretty hip.
Though I'm not sure if they technically have any hips,
now that I think about it...

President Truman.

And Ms. Margaret Truman
(who actually wrote this book).
Your cover seems to be fittingly understated.
I can understand not wanting
to draw too much attention here.
After all,
I did just start rambling about farm yard animals
because a font choice irritated me.

Want to know who I'm really excited
to see in this post?

Ms. Hepburn.
She's one of my personal heroes.
let's all skip out of whatever we're doing
and go watch
The African Queen.
Just cause.

Oh dear.

This sounds like a bad Sci-Fi movie in the works.
Soon passionate children's brains
will be attacking you,
looking for a body to house their
gurgling cerebrums.