Books 376-380

Good morning!
It's a lovely day outside,
or so I've heard
(my office doesn't have any windows),
but somehow just knowing
it's a nice day out there
makes today feel like a nice day
in here.

It's almost nice enough weather
to start doing things outside.
Things like
or running.

is apparently not for all people,

Besides telling America
"it's okay, you don't have to move,"
this book also hires trashcans
to do your running for you.
That should def. save some hours in the day
for not running.

This is why I am not normally allowed near
spiritual books:

I read this cover and immediately imagined
a bunch of ghosts sitting on a bus.
Don't ask why.
I think it had something to do with
priority seating for the
elderly, disabled, or deceased.
At least I avoided a bad pun.

There are no birds on this next cover.
Or ladies.
Or ladybirds.

Clearly this book is lies.
All lies.

There is,
a bird on this next cover.

Maybe we can just chalk this all up to bad timing?
in other news,
I don't normally think of raccoons
when I think of ponds.
I do think that fish on the bottom
tore the cover on purpose
to cover his eyes.
He's going incognito on this one.

Let's end today on a classic.

This is one of my all-time favorite book titles.
it's in a large, friendly, pink font.
What more could we ask for?