Books 396-400

Hello, hello!
Guess where we are again?
We're at another Very Important Post.

It's the four hundredth book count-up.

Isn't that exciting?
Let's get started.

Book 396
Want to know who I think
would be very awkward in a relationship?

Mr. Erich Fromm.
Anyone who writes a book called
The Art of Loving
sounds a little over the top to me.
I almost hope he wasn't writing
from experience.
They do tell writers to
"write what you know,"
so you never know.

Book 397
Is it just me,
or is Benji looking
a little mangy here?

Poor puppy.
Poor font choice, too.

Book 398
Oh Mad.

You never cease, do you?
Or, at least,
you never cease to hang out on
our book shelves.
we might need to start charging you
for taking up space.
A renter's fee,
if you will.

Book 399
This is one of those times when
I don't feel too bad about a missing cover.

If you get a chance,
click on the cover to enlarge it
so you can read what
Twisted Tales from Shakespeare
is about.
It's much more informative
than I could ever be.

And finally.

It's time.

Book 400

The Hobbit.

It's nice to end on a book I absolutely adore for once.

Happy weekend, everyone!