Books 391-395

I'm going to try to ease back into things slowly.
If you've been wondering where I've been
and why there haven't been any
Books on My Parents' Shelves
posts recently,
the answer is here.
I'm too tired to explain things twice.

Growing up,
I loved this first book.

It was funny and it was civilized.
It taught you how to say "please" and "thank you."
It inspired me to use nice manners
in awkward situations,
such as dealing with marauding, dancing bears,
inviting hostages to breakfast on pirate ships,
talking to pilots who don't know
"crashing into your house."
These are things all children should learn.

Another childhood/family favorite
was anything written by
Mr. Gary Larson.

Because of Mr. Larson,
I grew up with a great understanding
of the terrible plight
cows faced in life
because they lacked opposable thumbs.
Another very important life lesson.
(By the way,
did you know Blogger does not recognize
the word "opposable?"
Very strange.
And not very opposable.)

This next cover makes me sleepy.
It's not very interesting.

It also makes me think of PBS
because it has the word
in it,
and that makes me think of
Masterpiece Theater.
Thinking of PBS
reminds me I want to check out
Downtown Abbey
or whatever it's called
and that other one that goes with it.
I'm so good with titles.

Speaking of titles
and their lack of,
this next book is called
Surrender the Pink.

As to what pink thing is being surrendered,
we may never know.
Partly because the cover is ripped,
and partly because I'm too lazy to
look Ms. Fisher's book up on Amazon.

I don't have much to say about

my older sister does.
She told my mother and me her exact thoughts
and issues about Mr. Hesse's work
in detail over dinner last night.
It's ironic,
that this book is in today's post.
Oh, well.
I guess that's just how things go.