Books 346-350

I've never known what I think
about Peanuts.
It's a classic,
but I often find it a little depressing.

Look at poor Charlie Brown's face here.
How is everyone
on his side
if they're all yelling at him?
Yelling isn't very nice,
or supportive.

on the other hand...
oh wait.
That's the start of a bad pun.

Scratch that.
Mad just keeps coming back.
It's like,
it wants to be our worst
repeat offender,
but it just doesn't want to commit.
That's why Mr. Trudeau is winning.

This next book
might be one of the
most depressing covers
I've seen in awhile.

I think it's the quote
that makes this so unappealing.
Ms. Ullman is writing about something.
Something about that
makes me think
she's broken the cardinal
"show, don't tell"
rule of writing.
I think that might be why
I don't feel strongly inclined
to read this one.
Either that,
or I just don't like the title font.
I think it's actually the font.

This next book is all kinds of disturbing.

I'm pretty sure the cover artist
was on something serious
when s/he drew this.
if they're "illustrated lyrics"
does that mean they're
rebus pictures
set to a score?
That might make singing difficult.

Speaking of repeat offenders:

Look familiar?
I wonder if Mr. Allen
ever followed up with a sequel
With Feathers.