Books 371-375

Is it possible that a post
could be retro
within its own blog?
If so,
then today's books are so
last bookshelf.

This book I know has been on
my parents' bookshelves for years.
I remember seeing it growing up.

I don't think I ever
played any of the games
tried any of the puzzles,
Maybe even back then
I realized that the lack of commas
was upsetting
and inappropriate.

I've never been big on proverbs.
When I do think of them,
I think of that scene from Amelie
where the other waitress quizzes
the guy Amelie is love with.

Given the nature of Yiddish proverbs,
that scene would have probably been
a lot funnier
had the writers used this book
as source material.

Sometimes my personality conflicts with itself.

I have a good amount of Irish in me,
so I'm mildly amused by this cover.
But I also have some
Graphic Designer in me,
and that part of me
is screaming desperately for white space.

I wonder how many goys
find themselves urgently needing
a guide to Jewish expressions.

Imagine someone pulling this book out
at a bar
and using it like a translation dictionary.
How very odd that would be.

Insult books are always amusing.

I have a much more exciting book of insults than this one.
It has a theme.
It's a book of Shakespearean insults.
It's in storage right now,
but one day it will sit out proudly
on a coffee table,
just waiting for a telemarketer to call...