Books 366-370

I hope this hasn't been too much
of a shock.
Or ruined your day.
By "this,"
I do, of course, mean the
Books On My Parents' Shelves
If you hadn't noticed,
you're probably okay.
If it has upset you so much
that your day is ruined,
I think you might be
a little too invested
in this silly project.

I was getting a little tired of the bland,
you see.
It had been over a year,
and the Books... design was just basic.
It was depressing me.
And a depressed SM writes
incredibly boring posts.
So really,
I was doing this for you.

As for the fonts,
I know some of you out there aren't serif fans.
I generally shy away from them myself.
But I'm kind of in love
with the title font.
And this just feels like a serif project.
So deal with it.
Maybe in a year or so,
when I get bored again,
we'll go sans with another redesign.

In the meanwhile,
as I did this redesign rather quickly,
let me know if there are any issues
(readability, etc.)
you might have
and I'll take them into consideration.

on to what you really came here for:
the books.

Remember when everyone was
was calling last year
the year of the leaks?

I'm pretty sure this wasn't what they had in mind.
I'm also pretty sure
last year wasn't ever referred to as a
"tidal wave of merriment."
Mr. Buchwald
was not ahead of his time.
I do wonder
if they actually made him stand
in a pool of water
to take that photo.
That would certainly be a memorable event
in book marketing.

There are so many jokes
I could tell here
with this next cover.
And none of them are appropriate.

Let's just say,
I don't think I'd want to be the author
of a joke book
that had a couple of—
Still not appropriate.
I'll stop here.

Mr. Bellow has done something
that I wish more authors would do.

He has picked a literal title.
I don't need to wonder what this book is about
because that title tells me.
The book is about a theft.
The cover is about ridiculously long arms
waving out of small windows
at flying books.

Can someone do a Wikipedia search
for a picture of Mr. Thurber?

I'd just like to confirm that he is not,
in fact,
an actual sheep.
If he is,
and this cover is a self-portrait,
I would say typing out a whole book
on a typewriter with hooves
is an impressive feat.
Either way,
the title worries me.
Fables and illustrated poems?
That seems like content for two books,
not one.

I have never found Punch and Judy amusing.

And with a marionette face like that,
can you blame me?
I do,
love line ink drawings.
They're pretty impressive.