Books 336-340

Hello, hello.
I'm actually writing this post early
because of logistics.
(Logistics being I do not think
I will not be around
the Almighty Internet
on Friday.)

I remember reading
Fantastic Voyage
when I was in middle school.
I liked it,
but I didn't quite get it.
That happened every so often.
I had a habit of reading ahead of myself.

This is a pretty strange cover,
all things considered.
It looks like the eye is crying people
(which could have very well happened,
and I just don't remember it).
I am pretty sure
they had a ship,
And that they were shrunk down
to much smaller than that.
those people are waaaay too big
to fit in a blood vessel.
(Ooh, potential pun there!)

I am naturally tempted
to ramble about staircases
not being single-direction devices
like escalators are.

I can't.
Something about this cover
makes me imagine
that the main character
is so distraught
that her students don't realize
that escalators are really just stairs in disguise
that she goes and invents
the elevator.
And then they all realize
that the whole ordeal
was really pointless
because their school only has
one story,
and so they wasted a whole school day
stressing about vertical issues
when it's not even going to be on the test.

I can see now why this was an instant classic.
(Which is also one of the dumbest phrases ever.)

Ms. Tyler has returned for the day
with an incredibly lackluster cover.

Whoever this woman on the cover is,
she doesn't appear to be searching
for Caleb
very hard.
Even though I haven't read much
of Ms. Tyler's work,
I respect her for
the powerful literary influence she is.
this cover feels like a Lifetime movie.

Speaking of respecting authors,
I'm sure everyone loves
Mr. Robert Louis Stevenson.
(Another repeat offender!)

After all,
once you're in Project Gutenberg
no one can say anything about you.
I don't have strong feelings
one way or another
but I know a good few of you out there
might have some choice words to say!)

And finally,
to close off the day's books,
we have yet another repeat offender.

That is probably one of the most
disturbing faces
I've ever seen
into a book cover.
I'm sure Mad is very proud of itself,
as well it should be.

Until next time.