Books 331-335

Today's post is going to be a fast post.
Today is ridiculously busy.
And by ridiculously,
I mean
oh-my-goodness-I think-this-stress-might-kill-me busy.

there's something incredibly creepy
about this first book.

I'm not sure what it is,
romance books tend to creep me out in general,
but something's telling me
it's the embossed font
that is making me want to glance over my shoulder
just to makes sure it's safe.

Someone did not pass geography.

Either that,
or maybe he was hoping
Mr. Terry Prachett
might call him up
to talk about collaborating on a
Discworld spin-off.
(Which is a horrible idea.
Don't do it, Mr. Prachett!)


That's this next book.
And I have nothing to say about it.
It looks like someone
used it as a coaster once.
Maybe for milk?
Or bleach?
a nice cup of bleach
is how I always start my day.
not really.

This next one's called

Somehow I'm more interested in
the doodles.
Is that a bridge?
Or a really bad Anime eyebrow?
I didn't read the paragraph,
(fast post, remember)
but what was that about a Russian
James Bond
or something?

this is the book that I
never finished reading.

I am not going to finish reading
anything today.
Oh well.
Can you grok it?