Books 361-365

I officially don't like this whole
"writing on a schedule"
I think we're all just going to have to
get used to the idea
that I'm not good at it
I don't think I'm going to try to get better.
I totally skipped writing posts
on Monday
because I had the day off
and it was necessary for me
to spend that day
watching old episodes of Doctor Who
and working on a new dream catcher
for one of my grandmothers.
On the scale of
Important Things to Do,
grandmothers come first,
Doctor Who comes second,
and writing posts comes twenty-third.
That's just the way these things work.

I'm not sure what this first book is about.

But I'm willing to bet it's not as funny
as it thinks it is.
Those planets
(Are they planets? Or moons? Or what?)
look a little too close together.
They look like they're in danger
of crashing into each other.
Clearly this cover was not drawn to scale.

Mad is back.

I hope that doesn't make any of you mad.
See what I did there?
That wasn't funny.
That was
"I tried coconut water for lunch
and the potassium is going to my head."
it is officially one of those days.

The best thing about this next book?
The roof on that building.

I've always loved those roofs,
but they don't exactly match
East Coast architecture.
Twenty points
to whoever can tell me the name
of that roof style.

I imagine this next book
is about a photographer
who never properly lights
his portrait subjects.

And so,
when he opens a kiosk in a mall,
he finds his services are unwanted,
because when soccer parents bring their
toddlers to get pictures taken
with ugly pastel backgrounds,
they actually like to be able to see their kids' faces.
The rest of the story follows
our nameless photographer's
harried efforts
searching Home Depot and various online websites
looking for affordable and appropriate
boom lighting to buy.
It's a real page turner.

Since I just got so into our last book,
it makes sense that I completely misread this last cover.

I read
Retail Therapy.
That would have been a good book
for our photographer character
to read while waiting for
his new lights to come through delivery.