Books 356-360

This has been a bit of a breakdown week.
I've been
sick for the past few weeks
I think I pulled a muscle or sprained my ankle,
which is kind of annoying.
So I'm on antibiotics
and limping around my office
like a crazy person.

With all of that in mind,
this first book is rather fitting.

It's also my way of explaining to you
why there was no Wednesday post.
(and by everything, I mean me)
just stopped working
this week.
Even taking a sick day yesterday
couldn't encourage me to be productive.
These things happen.

My one comment on the book above,
by the way,
is I think the exclamation point
is on the wrong side
of the word "wrong."
That could just be me,
I have just spent the past five minutes
pretending "buoim" is a real word.
Not because I didn't get the joke,
but because I'm that brain-dead.

somebody was clearly
uninspired by this next collection.

I wonder if the stories are as boring as the cover?

This next cover is another extreme.

It's so nice.
Because it's so nice,
I keep expecting those
to suddenly sprout fangs.
I have been influenced way too much by
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
that New Zealand sheep zombie movie.

I think there was some
with this next book.

The title is
How to Eat Like a Child,
but the cover art is
How to Eat a Child.
Talk about awkward.
And cannibalistic.

I'm not sure what is supposed to come to mind
with this next cover/title.

I think of the restaurant/bar
my friend NN took me to in D.C.
that goes by the same name,
but that's probably not what
Mr. Le Carré
is thinking about.
as his last name sounds rather French,
he's probably not thinking
about vodka or borscht.

That's okay.
I'm going to visit NN this weekend
and we can talk
Russian and Ukrainian food
without Mr. Le Carré.