Books 281-285, Not a Guest Post

Something Wonderful is today.

It's the one year anniversary
of a day that I got
very bored.
On this day,
one year ago
I started scanning
the books on my parents' shelves
and posting them here.

The first post was very bland.
I didn't really say much.
But I didn't really know what I was doing
or why I was doing it.
Things are very different here now.
We've met many different authors
— some enjoyed their moment in the spotlight so much
they came back in other posts
as repeat offenders.
We've seen some of the most amazing
— and by amazing, I mean scary —
cover art linked to books about linguistics.
And we've observed some of the most horrendous
amputations, deformities, and decapitations
known to abstract drawing and photo cropping.

Looking back on all of those
today's five books are very fitting.

We have our awkward language book,
complete with some bizarre design
that doesn't really mean anything
or have anything to do with the contents of the book

Then we have some fiction,
with a title that makes me think
of what would happen if
Google Maps and Google Translator
got together and decided to mess
with some poor person's road trip.
Turn left at 6:30 pm.
Drive four blocks to half past after.
You'd never get anywhere with instructions like that.
At least not on time.

This book ends the second shelf
on the second bookcase.

Then there's the brightly colored,
mildly awkward,
but still nostalgic book
that makes us wonder
where we can buy our own
brightly colored,
gay pride support marching band outfits.

We have the cover that is just a cover.
The book is missing,
but the jacket sleeve is still on the shelf.
And if it's on the shelf,
it's fair game,
so we get to look at the pretty picture
and I get to reminisce fondly
about my childhood
and mention how I hated puffy sleeves
while you get irritated and skip down to the last book
to see what nonsense I might say about that.

And of course,
our last book is about Jews.
In America.
And other places.
But mostly probably America.

it seems to be in English,
not Yiddish.
So if you'd like to borrow it,
just let me know.
I'm pretty sure I could find it again on the shelf.

To help celebrate
this Something Wonderful day
I asked both of my sisters to write guest posts
about the books on their parents' shelves.
It helped that we have matching parents
so I was able to provide them with the scans.
My younger sister,
posted yesterday.
If you haven't read her post yet,
you still can.
I don't take these things down,
you know.
My older sister,
will have a guest post up tomorrow.
In the meanwhile,
I'm going to go not-scan-books,
because that's something you do when you're
really bored,
and today is not a boring day.
It's a happy day.

Happy Books Blog Day,