Books 271-275

Remember all those times
I've started posts
commenting on how awkward
a cover was?

I was wrong.
So very, very wrong.

This is awkward.

You try doing it with someone
while you're both doing handstands,
in a cave,
and tell me it's not awkward.
That is officially the new definition of awkward.

Ms. Colette is back,
with another elegant cover.

I wish my life was made up of line ink drawings.
I have a feeling I would spend a lot more time
sitting in cafés,
staring moodily out of windows
at the rain.
I would also have a Victorian umbrella
leaning against my chair.
I believe those are a
for staring out of windows at the rain.

I have two big questions about this next cover.

Where are the trees?
Those all look like vines and random foliage to me.
What type of beans are they?
(The follow up question to this is:
Do jumping beans come from jumping trees?
If so,
that sounds dangerous.)

Take a good look at
Mr. Anderson's book.

Now tell me,
is that a fried egg hanging off of that tree?
This does seem to be a day of many questions.

Our last book is a double repeat offender,
even though you can't tell it from the cover.

It's Nickel Mountain again.
Mr. Gardner seems to be racking up the posts here.
I think he's going to give Mr. Trudeau
a run for his money.
What do you think?