Books 266-270

Last month got away from me.
I think that was the most
ridiculously light
posting ever on this blog.
I hope you don't feel too deprived.
We're back now,
and there's some exciting stuff going on.

Mr. Gardner has returned
with slightly less inspiring cover art.

That's okay, though.
Everyone has off days.
Or months.
Some how I'm guessing this book of his
isn't about money.
For one thing,
there's no sign at all of President Jefferson.
Plus the mountain bit seems to imply mining or something.
My powers of observation are as astute as ever.

I got smart with these next two books.
I had forgotten to write down their authors,
so I looked them up on Amazon.
It's amazing how much more crafty I am
after two cups of coffee.

The Camerons
is about Scottish heritage
and coal mining or something
(at least, that's what the comments on Amazon say),
so we have a mining theme today!
I guess that's not very exciting.
Oh well.

This next book is called
A Many Splendored Thing,
which I think is an awesome title.

there's not much to look at on the cover here.
It seems the story has something to do with tuberculosis,
so I guess we can give this cover a break.
I have a feeling a picture of tuberculosis
might hurt sales.

There are an impressive number of books
with the same title as this next one.
It makes me worry that authors are getting lazy.

I am,
enthralled with this man's suit.
Three-fourths pink and one-fourth blue?
Where does one buy a suit like that?!!

This next book is clearly about
a giant trying to get a lift
in a desert by casting his shadow over passers-by
in hopes that they might notice him
and his plight.

I wonder how long it takes him to realize the sad truth:
he will never be able to fit in that car.