Books 326-330

Last post we had a
really long intro.
Let's not do that today.
I'm tired.

Here's a trick I like to do.
Look at a cover,
see what the cover artist
and the author wanted you to see.
Then decide to see something different.

That red dot above the butterfly?
That's actually a clown nose.
Take it how you want to.

I don't remember the last time
I saw a book call a movie a
"bold motion picture."
It must not have been very major.

Let's talk about about men's airbrushing
for a minute.
If this book had been released today
that guy's shoulders would have been
twice the size
they are on this cover.
He also would probably have
a missile strapped to his back,
because you know at some point in the story
he'd need to use that
as a jet pack
or something.

This is turning into a very violent post.
go back and look at that
clown nose again.
It'll calm things down a bit.

I'm trying to figure out
what is in the smoke to the
left of the guy's face.
Maybe it's the previous
Book Guy's invisible missile.
Seriously, though.
I don't like trying to make jokes about war.
Can we have some nicer books now,

This next,
poor cover-less book
is called
Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy.

According to all of the quotes,
it's a great read.
I wonder if there are any books out there
that claim to be horrible reads.
Besides Lemony Snicket,
that is.

I know this is probably
some intense thriller.

But all I can imagine is some
gruesome retelling of
The Little Mermaid.

One of my uncles took my older sister
and me
to see Disney's
The Little Mermaid
when we were kids.
When he called our parents
to offer to take us
our dad told us our uncle had invited us to go see
Redneck Zombies.
If I remember correctly,
that didn't go over well
with my sister and me.
You'd think we'd be used to
that sort of humor
by then.

That story has nothing to do with the last book cover.
Oh, well.