Books 316-320

I try to be a friendly writer/blogger
and write different things
for my different projects.
since I've already vented
about the horrible weather
over in my latest
cactus garden post,
I'll do my best not to here.
I'm thoughtful.

You know who isn't thoughtful?
Probably Mr. McGinniss.
I haven't asked his characters
what they think of him yet,
but look at the titles of his books:

Cruel Doubt
Fatal Vision.
With titles like those,
you know a few fictional characters
are going to get bumped off.
Some probably get the ax pretty early on, too.
And you just know someone
in his first book
went blind.
That sucks.

It's a French book!
And it isn't by Larousse!

Someone went watercolor happy there.
So happy,
they forgot to make the cover art
have anything to do with the title.
Maybe all of the French review questions
are about bridges
and bridges that get rained on.
Who knows?
I didn't open the book.

For some reason
when I scanned this next journal/memo book
I scanned an inside page
along with it.

I have no clue who's book this was.
The handwriting reminds me a bit
of my grandmother's.
But not really.

I'm good at being wrong,
Maybe someone in my family
could tell us
why any of this might be important?
I have no ideas.

It's winter.
And things are bound to get depressing.
We know that.
But really.

Mr. Kavanaugh is taking
to a whole new level.
At least it's not a coffee table book.
And at least it doesn't include pictures.
That little penguin
in the upper right corner
is good for some things.
pictures aren't one of those things.

looking at that previous cover
makes this next cover
also feel depressing.

I imagine
Mr. Untermeyer's poem
is about someone's last day on earth
before s/he dies.
Of course there are lots of flowers
and little children gather around the death bed,
because little children symbolize hope,
you know.
And then the person dies
and the children go off
and do a large circle dance.
It's all very morbid
and maybe mildly Scandinavian.

Tell me again why you people
like to read my ramblings?
That was just ridiculous.

I bet I'm right,