Books 311-315

Hello, hello.
Today should hopefully be a better day.
I've been all kinds of productive
and there's this thing called
that should be happening soon.

Not that I'm big on poetry,
but of the poets I've read
Emily Dickinson
is probably one of my favorites.

I memorized one of her poems
way back in middle school
or early high school.
Can't remember which,
though I still remember most of the poem.
It was the one that starts:
Because I could not stop for Death
He kindly stopped for me.
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality.
The punctuation there is probably all wrong
since I didn't look it up.
It's all good, though.

This next book has one of those rare covers
that really feels like it matches the title.

I could totally imagine the author
drawing this cover
in between drafts,
though I doubt the cover art is actually his.
And clearly,
I was too lazy to
check these sorts of things
when I scanned the book.


But still!
I'd like to go home to see my cat.
But sadly,
I have things to do first.
Like get lunch.
And finish this post.

This boring cover I think I mislabeled in my notes.

I think the title is supposed to be
Volume 2 The World of Mathematics
but for some reason I have
Volume 2 The World of Methematics.
That certainly gives this
Textbook Taking Up Space
a whole new meaning.

This last book is a great example
of a terrible cover
working against a perfectly good title.

Besides the ridiculous font style and size,
look at those horrifying colors.
It's "ewww" personified.
I like geographic features and stories about them
as much as the next person
who wanted to be an explorer when they were a child.
But when I see this cover,
I don't think:
Mitla Pass: A Novel.
I think:
Mitla Pass: A Boring.

And that just makes me sad.