Books 306-310

This post can go one of two ways.
It could be massively funny,
full of ridiculous phrases and zingers.
(Yes, that's right
Or it could just be meh
(to quote my younger sister,
who says meh quite frequently;
I'm just trying it out for the day).

I'm in a ridiculously grumpy mood today
which is giving me a migraine
(my fourth migraine in four days,
to be exact)
and all I want to do is go home
and go back to bed.
In other words,
I'm betting on "meh."

With that in mind.
I'm pretty sure I do know the answer
to this first cover.

The answer is
"take twice as many classes,"

As for this next book...

I'm pretty sure we owe children
proper facial features.
Not weird amoeba growths.
We owe the child on the cover
a trip to the E.R.
and maybe a good plastic surgeon.

This is where things are going to get meh.

I'm just too tired and migraine-y
to think of anything to say about this one.
feel free to insert your own thoughts
in the comments section below.

I had a weird moment
looking at this next one
trying to figure out
what on earth
was on the bottom of the cover.

Then I realized that was part of the scanned image.
It's part of a bookmark
or something twine
in the book.

Insert twine joke here.
Wait no,
that could be bad.

The pattern on the book is kind of
miserable to look at
on the computer screen.

If you read this last book in Rebus pictures,
the title is really
Sounds & Silences & Poorly Digitalized Trees.

I'd like to see them fit all of that
onto a beer cap.

Notice there's no poetry for later.