Books 301-305

I'm going to try an experiment today
with our first book.

This experiment may involve a bit of scrolling.

You see,
before you see our first cover,
I want to tell you the title.

And then I want you to
what the cover looks like.

If you have issues with scrolling
I'm sorry.


The book's title


Spider Cat.

Think about that for a minute.

Are you imagining the cover?

Think about that cover for another minute.

And for another minute.

This isn't a card trick or anything.

I'm just ensuring scrolling.


Here's the book cover:

Who else is massively disappointed by this picture?
I know I am.
Something called
Spider Cat
should have a deranged mutant on the cover.
Like a spider with a cat's head.
Or a cat with spider eyes
walking on a web.
There could could even be a Fly Dog
stuck in the web.
That would be a cover I'd like to see.

In other news,
one thing you never want printed
on the cover of your book
is this quote:

Deb'y Gaj has done Mr. Mahaffey a great disfavor.
You just know everyone who reads his poetry now
is going to have ridiculously
high standards for him.
Sheer perfection?
Eh. It was sheer.
There was some perfect.
I dunno about any sheer perfection.

Ms. Deb'y Gaj has also done apostrophes a great disfavor.
They know they don't belong in her name there.

If you can't name all of the reasons
why I love this next book,
you clearly haven't been keeping up with things around here.

T.S. Eliot.
Mr. Edward Gorey.
Cats with top hats and canes.
It's a trifecta of awesome.

Let's take a look at this next cover.

I'll admit,
I appreciate a lot of
e e cumming's work.
for someone who doesn't use punctuation
that cover looks like a series of
and exclamation points.
That's a risk you run
with random overlapping shapes.

How strung out do the babies on this last cover look?

The answer to that question is:
I am digging the baby mohawk,
I know they only used two babies for this cover,
but really?
Why so homogenous?