Books 296-300

look where we are.
It's time for another count-up.

It's the three hundredth book post.

And we haven't even gotten through
two whole bookshelves yet.
If you were worrying about how long
this blog could keep going,
you need not worry any more.
It seems I will be
judging books by their covers
for many,
years to come.
at least for as long as
I have Internet access.

With that in mind,
let's start counting.

Book 296
Is not really a book.

It's a series of prints.
It's also too big for the scanner.
That's why we only have part of the image.
If I ever have kids
I am going to wallpaper a closet
in wallpaper
that has M.C. Escher's stairs picture
(you know, the one that's all discombobulated)
on it.
And that will be my
"time out"
See if those kids ever misbehave again.

(That said,
now that I've shared this,
I'll probably never be allowed to have kids.)

Book 297
Like Book 296,
Book 297 is also not really a book.
And it's also too big for the scanner.

It's a collection of
Edward Gorey
I love Mr. Gorey's work.
One year,
my older sister,
and I want to have an
Edward Gorey-themed
Halloween party.
We already have the invites designed.
They're around somewhere.

This not-really-a-book
the third shelf of the second bookcase.

Book 298
Want to know something I like to do sometimes?
I like to imagine the author's name
and the book title

This book is actually called
James Patterson.
And it was written by a
Mr. Pop Goes the (or "da," if you're writing his name in Italian) Weasel.
Here Mr. Da Weasel has branched out
from his normal genre,
annoying children's lyrics,
into what looks to be
boring real estate drama.

Book 299
I'm not a big fan of cover art that makes you guess.
Which first deadly sin
are we talking about here exactly?

The one that says
never make a hammer head
that looks like a lobster's claw?
Or is it the one that says
don't keep rose petals in your wallet
because they'll get stuck to your I.D. cards?
Please be more specific!
Inquiring minds and all that!

And finally.
It's time.
Book 100 was a bit of a disappointment.
Book 200 was awesome.

And so.


Book 300

Is about Japanese grammar.

I'm sure we all saw that one coming.