Books 291-295

This is a post of
Books That Are Too Big for My Scanner.
Hidden in the middle
of these
Rated G
there is a book that is
Not Rated G.
If you are younger than
Age Corrupted-Already,
you might want to skip this post.
Or whatever.

Really, this is a post of atlases.
First, we have National Geographic.

We don't often get to see
North America
looking like it's about to fall off the top of the globe.
It's nice to get a change in perspective,
though I worry what that teaches
young explorers.

we have Rand McNally

I'm sure the people at
Rand McNally
think this atlas falls into a
totally different
atlas category
because it's an Atlas of Nations,
not an
Atlas of North America Falling Off the Globe.
I think it's really an
Atlas of Nations With the Color Red On Their Flag.
There is a lot of red there.

here we have the
Not Rated G book.

Go figure it was written by Mr. Idle.
KEB will be disappointed by the tag line.
I think sharks would do well
in a book like this.

Speaking of sharks,
who else loved the
Dr. Who Christmas special this year?
I know I did.
end of that non sequitur.

Rand McNally has a second
World Atlas
to share with us today.

I'm not sure what the color
has to do with a family atlas edition.

is the natural color of our planet.

at least,
the Encyclopedia Britannica
imagines it is.

On that note,
this ends
today's post of
Books on My Parents' Shelves:
Atlas Edition.