Books 211-215

More books!

not that surprising,
I guess.

I started reading our first book years ago.

I suppose one day I should go back and finish it.
There are a lot of books like that.
My big concern today,
is the pattern on the cover.
It looks like a bad sweater.
And are those dolphins???!!!!

Winner of the
Boring Book Cover of the Day
award goes to...

Ms. Jane Smiley.
Congratulations on your use of literalism.

In other news,

Mr. Vonnegut appears to have missed us
and has returned with another
awkward cover
for our amusement.

But no matter how awkward
The Sirens of Titan
may appear...

it doesn't even come close
to this book.
The title and the cover crack me up so much,
Mr. Lewis' book might go missing
for my parents' shelves...

And finally...

I just don't even know what to say about this one.
Is there dust in the teapot???
That would be gross.