Books 206-210

I like Mr. Hardy and his books.
He's one of my mother's favorite authors.
I don't think he'd approve of this cover.

I think this cover can go down in history
as having one of the most
unmemorable pictures ever.
Three people hanging out in a field.
This cover tells me nothing about the plot.
It goes into the
Mediocre Hall of Fame.

Even this next cover is more interesting.

But that may just be because I like watercolors.
And because it looks like the man to the left
is doing something awkward in the snow.
it really is one of those days.

I love
A.'s A in W.

It's amazing how many style variations
this story has gone through,
both in cover art and in recreations.
I was okay with the latest movie version.
Didn't love it,
didn't hate it.
Just okay.

I remember reading this next book.

But I don't remember the actual story.
At least,
as plain covers go,
they picked the correct color for the cover.
How depressing would it have been if
The Red Badge of Courage
had a green and white cover?

Or, say,
a blue and white one...?

Mr. Jack London is lucky I recognized his name.
And that The Red Badge of Courage
tipped me off on his cover style choice.
Mr. London has committed the ultimate faux pas here:
He has given his novel a proper name.
I really do wish all books
that use full character names as titles
would come with arrows;
one to label the author name
one to label the book title.
That would be very helpful
and much appreciated.