Books 201-205

Have you ever wondered what it would look like
if Mr. Vonnegut
had taken over the world?

It would look a little something like today's post,
I would suspect.

And if you're wondering...


There were two copies
of Slapstick
sitting next to each other
on the bookshelf.

Those price stickers look the same to me.
I'm guessing those books
were bought at the same time...

I remember the first time I read
Slaughterhouse Five.

I was surprised then to learn it had been made into a movie.
And I'm still surprised now,
but that may be because I'm trying to imagine
made for the movie.
Points to anyone who designs a
Slaughterhouse Five
Or action figure.
I'm not picky.

In this Vonnegut world,
I'm actually not surprised to see a copy of Mad.

It seems ironic.
And very fitting.
I suspect Kilgore Trout would approve.

of course,
in this Vonnegut day dream,
we have to end with something written
by Mr. Vonnegut.

I am a bit disturbed by the cover art,
but what else is new?