Books 196-200

Oh, wow.
Look what snuck up on us:

The two hundredth book post.

I guess that means it's time for another count-up.
Are you excited?
I am.
But I also already know which book
is the two hundredth book.

Let's do this thing.

Book 196
our first book of the day.

It's the first in a quartet,
and it's awesome.
I'm rereading another series of books by
Mr. Williams right now,
the Otherland books.
They're awesome,
And there's a video game coming out
that's based off of the Otherland series
in the next year or so.
I might go M.I.A. for a bit
when that happens.

Book 197
Also awesome.

But then again,
so is any book that cost

Book 198
This book actually belongs downstairs,
on my younger sister's bookshelf.

I got bored and was reading it one day and it ended up here.
Considering she's off at school now,
I'm guessing it's not that big a deal.
What a shocking cover,
You won't lose this book in the dark.
And yes,
if you weren't sure,
this book is a parody.
I don't think they labeled it clearly enough.

Book 199
Also my younger sister's book.

No clue why it's up here.
Never read either.
For some reason I think of soap whenever I see the title.

And finally.

Book 200

The Illustrious Mr. Vonnegut returns.
We can rest easy.
Book 200 was not anywhere near as disappointing
as Book 100.

And those boots rock.
I would totally wear them if they were real.