Books 191-195

Family Circus is one of those comics
that isn't really that funny,
but has made it quite clear
that it doesn't intend to go anywhere.
I wouldn't be surprised if our
great grandchildren
are haunted by
cartoons of children with awkward lisps
who are forever saying
stupid stuff.
I was a fan of the cartoon
"Scott Meets Family Circus"
until the curse of
Family Circus
doomed that cartoon to unfunniness.
And yes,
unfunniness is officially a word now.
Use it at will.

So, with all of that it mind,
and as sad as I find torn books,
somehow I still feel like there's
seriously something wrong with me
I think the above ripped cover
(that's showing portions of at least three different pages)
is more amusing
than any complete, normal
Family Circus cartoon.
Maybe it's the way
the father's head looks like it's attached
to the random headless woman's body,
or the mother's vacant expression.
I don't know.
Clearly there is something very wrong with me.

Speaking of cartoons,
say hello to an old friend of ours!

It's been a while, Mr. Trudeau!
And by the way,
can I say,
that microphone you drew looks very awkward today!
As always, it's been a pleasure -
we'll definitely be looking forward to your next appearance!

Who doesn't love
Animal Farm?

Or for that matter,
who doesn't love Mr. Orwell?
If you answered
to either of those questions,
I'm sorry.
We don't like your kind here.
I have a strict
No-Orwell-Hating Policy
on this blog.
I mean, seriously,

I absolutely adore this next cover.

Never read the book,
but I love the cover.

as for this last book,
which is entitled
A Twist of Sand,

how on earth does sand twist??!!
Please explain.