Books 186-190

I like it when titles can mean
something different than what the author intended.
Take this first book for example:

Sure, we know what
Dr.s Natow and Heslin meant,
but "food" is singular.
So is "counter."
Neither hints that we're talking ingredients
or nutritional make-up.
(Nutritional make-up!
That's even funnier than this title!
I want to watch Nutrition put on its make-up.)
when I read this title,
I automatically thought:
"One food, two food, red food, blue food."

Something about this next book makes me laugh.

I think it's the guy wearing the lei.
Either that,
or the sea sick slant of the font.

Never read
The Screwtape Letters.

This cover is rather inspiring,
I may have to add it to the list.
Don't you love that this copy
cost 75¢?

This next cover worries me.

Didn't this
half-way beheaded
woman's mother
tell her not to put foreign objects in her mouth?
the lessons we learn when we're five
not only make sense,
they can keep us from being partially beheaded
on silly-looking romance novels.
Who knows where that necklace has been?

This last cover puzzles me.

Is "fountainhead" a euphemism?
Because honestly it looks like this title
was put on the wrong book.
And that thunder cloud looks like
an alien space ship
Maybe "fountainhead" is the name
of the alien space ship...