Books 176-180

Good lord it's been a long time since I last posted.

Hello, everyone.
Miss me?

That's okay,
I don't really need to know.
Let's just get back to the books,
shall we?

I believe I've mentioned before
that I dislike books
whose titles are proper names.

Guess what this book's title is
without glancing at author labels.
Points if you get it right.
Points off if you still guess
but you already know which lady is the author
and which lady is the title's namesake.

for this next book...

... I imagine the artist's subject
will become quite vexed
when she discovers
the artist has painted her
with an equine buccal cavity
rather than a Homo sapien.
Imagine that painting hanging
above your fireplace.

Just reading this next title,
without looking at the cover,
gives me the wrong impression of the novel's plot.

It's about baseball, right?
Where's the diamond?
And the umpires?
(It's umpires in baseball, right?
Not refs?)
There is a distressing lack of green in the cover.

I have not read the next book.

But I did see a movie based on it several years ago.
My parents still have the movie, too.
It's on VHS.
On the shelf across from this one.
I think I got sleepy during the movie,
but I can't remember very well.


I really like this last cover.
It's pretty.
And not at all tiresome.
I do keep expecting a fierce wind to
tumble through at any moment though,
and all of the ladies' flowing hair
will get tangled together
in one horrendous knot.
Poor Ms. Nichols
will be forced to write a sequel entitled
The Snip of the Scissors,
The Wail of the Fallen Tendrils,
or maybe just

That's it for now.
I can't promise when I'll be back again,
but the more comments that are posted in
Victorian — er, Gregorian — English
(I'm listening to
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
right now,
if you can't tell)
the more likely I will be encouraged to return
before September.

the words "vexing"
and "tiresome"
are most amusing.)