Books 181-185

This first book has the most amazing title:

I will admit,
at first glance
I somehow read
instead of
The title wasn't as exciting then.

Based off of this next cover,

I'm fairly certain book #2 of the day
is about the danger of objects
that look like bear traps
being left carelessly around on beaches
where any barefoot person might accidentally step on them.

I saw the movie version of
Vanity Fair.
I didn't love it.
I didn't hate it.
I think I may have been more interested
had the story
mirrored the above cover more.
That just looks like fun.

Tom Jones
has been on my list of
Books to Read
for a while now.

Before I do go on to read it,
someone please tell me if the above couple
is dancing
or if the gentleman is attacking the lady.
I don't want to go into reading
with the wrong impression.

After all of the wonderful covers today,
it seems oddly fitting to end with one that is...

just nonsense.