Books 161-165

Have I mentioned how happy I am
now that we've moved away from
obscure language,
and Yiddish books?

Isn't the below cover refreshingly green?

I am also incredibly grateful
that the designer
made it easily apparent
which name belonged to the author
and which name was the title.
That made my day simpler.

We haven't had much of an opportunity to discuss them,
but I'm going to throw this right out there.

I don't get romances.
I also don't get the sleeves on that dress.
I hope they're secretly pockets.
If not,
I hope they aren't stuffed with something scratchy.
That would suck even more.

Sometimes I get sad when books get out-dated.
The above book was apparently
"world famous."
Not any more.
we should probably question their polling methods.

I actually remember when the below book was bought.

My mum bought it.
An ex-best friend read it.
She liked it.
But then again,
she's an ex-best friend
for a reason.
I'm going to skip it.
Moving on.

Mr. Hawthorne.

I'm so glad you've joined us.
Stay awhile...