Books 171-175

Today is pretty exciting.
We're starting off with one of my favorite authors,
Mr. Terry Prachett.

Have I mentioned I've met him?
I've met him.
He's just as awesome in person
as you'd expect from reading his books.
I bought a play version
of the above book
as a gift for my older sister
when I went to England.
I'm pretty sure she still has it.
If I ever run out of books to scan on my parents' shelves
I fully plan on going over to her place
to scan her books.
(Secret evil plan:
If she says no,
I'll wait until she has to go out of town,
and promise to watch her cats
and then go scan them all in one sitting then.
Not really.
Evil plans require too much effort.
And scanning that many books
all at once
requires taking a lot of time off of work.)

Moving on...

I'm actually reading
Gone With the Wind
for the first time right now.
But not this copy.
I'm reading it on my phone.
I actually find it easier to read there
because I feel like I'm reading faster
and I would probably get bored
reading this one in paperback.
Everybody has their own style

So, at first glance,
this next book looks like one of those lame writing journals
elementary school teachers force(d?)
their students to get for class.

I never took very good care of those books.
That makes this book seem very ironic
to me.

does anybody have any clue what
"pale fire"

Double fail is the author's signature.
I can't read it.
If anyone can decipher it,
let me know.
this guy is going uncredited in the author cloud.

Something about this next book seems incredibly vicious.

I know you're thinking it's the title font,
but I was referring more to the coffee stain.
I don't remember scanning this one,
so I don't know if it's a mistake,
part of the cover design,
or a commentary on how interesting
(or not)
the story is.
Either way,
it's a bad sign when
The New York Times
describes your book
with such boring clichés.

On a side note,
Books on My Parents' Shelves
now has a Facebook page.
I suggest liking it if you like this blog.
If you don't like it,
we can totally make a
"I Dislike Books on My Parents' Shelves"
page and have a fan race.
Bonus points to people who
voluntarily wear potato sacks
while voting.