Books 121-125

I was pleasantly surprised by the guesses to last post's

So, in response, here are my thoughts on Book #120:

you were right about the sub-title.
What American Needs to Know
is insulting,
not just to the reader,
but also to the subjects of the book.

culture is fluid.
There is never a fixed point.
This book would be worthless by the time it got off the press.

it is terribly designed.
It's such a travesty that such a design was okay-ed.

You are all free to divvy up the points among yourselves.
And, as the points are imaginary,
and therefore easier to divide,
I would suggest splitting the ten points up into thirds
to keep things from getting ugly.

Here's my biggest problem, though:
the assumptions this book is making are flat-out offensive.
The us-versus-them mentality
(and as soon as you're assuming that
Americans as group need a book to understand other cultures
- and that one book could cover everything -
you're trying to divide people up)
is xenophobic at heart.
going back to the whole
"Americans as a group" thing,
America is made up of a multitude of cultures.
How on earth does it make sense to separate off
your target audience
as if they are some sort of separate entity?
The whole thing reeks of stupidity.


As for the other comment from the last post,
sorry Mum.
I shouldn't have made assumptions.
(Though this is a blog all about assumptions,
so I don't feel too bad.)

Moving on to today's books...

I had been debating how to handle binders and folders
(as often they don't really have a cover,
or, at least, an interesting cover).
I decided that,
when appropriate,
I'll take a page and scan it with the cover
to give you an idea of what's inside.
This folder had several copies of my father's scriptwriting.
He's just awesome like that.

Our next book is another family memento.

It's my grandmother,
senior high school yearbook.
She's pretty awesome, too.

The next book is not really a book.

It's a bunch of papers folded in half.
More specifically,
it's a play.
If you click on the image,
you can probably read some of the text.

Below we have a magazine...

I kind of like the cover.

And even further below,
more play text.

I think the two play portions are from the same play,
but I could be wrong.

Been scanning a lot more books.
Got through another couple of shelves the other night.
I'm trying to scan well ahead,
partly for the blog,
but also partly so my older sister can start reclaiming her books
and taking them home.

Only a couple more posts until Book #136.