Books 116-120

Normally I try to space blog posts,
whether book posts here or food posts in the cactus garden,
out a bit.
I don't like posting everyday
because I don't want anyone to assume
that I will be posting every day.

I'm just so bored today.
Our accountant, HM,
(who is the best accountant ever)
is using my work computer to reconcile our books
and I have nothing to do.
(What I do have to do requires my work computer,
and this isn't a
"if you have time to lean,
you have time to clean"
kind of place.
I hate that phrase, by the way.)

So anyway,
this is a rare occurrence.
It is..

a red herring.
Kind of.

I'm actually incredibly terrified of the cover of this next book:

it's scary.
with cover art like that
I don't think I want
life or work planning advice
from Mr. Bolles.
I don't care how popular
What Color Is Your Parachute

On a different note,

it's nice to know MAD was recycling before going green was popular.
End shelf four.

This next book definitely belonged to my father's father.

It's very nostalgic.
And it's kind of sad the cover isn't in the best condition.

I have a lot of issues with this last cover.
Ten points to the person who can guess
what about makes this cover makes me so upset.
Comment below to enter this non-contest

Those issues will be momentarily discussed in the next post.
The next post will not be posted tomorrow.