Books 111-115

Good morning!

As we plug our way through all of these books,
judging them by their covers,
there are a few things we might want to keep in mind.


some books lie.
This "pocket" anthology
is not pocket-sized.
Do not attempt to put it in a pocket.
It will not fit.
(Unless you sew your own,
pockets into all of your clothes.
Then, by all means,
go ahead.)


there appears to be a lot of book covers
that feature pictures of feet on them.
I'm not sure why,
but I don't think it's that great a marketing ploy.
It's just kind of weird.
(Also, wasn't the above book made into
a really boring and vapid movie?)


actually, I don't know what to say about this one.
It's just kind of depressing.
So, I guess "third" is to remember
that not all book subjects are that interesting
and are not suggested beach reading material.


sometimes good titles are stolen by boring-looking books.
We should steal them back.

And finally,

no matter how much we think we're in the clear
there will always be another language book
with a dumb, pithy title hiding on the shelves.

Now that we've reviewed
some of the basic lessons we've been learning
on bookcase number one,
I encourage you all to go forth
and judge some books by their covers today.

That is all.