Books 146-150

What a horrible cover.

Who on earth bought this?
And how difficult is it to read
the author's name and the book's title?
Somebody slept through their
graphic design classes.

For those of you who don't care about graphic design... do you feel about your map skills?
The Onion posted a lovely blurb about maps today.
It made me laugh.
(Oh, The Onion...
if I didn't have life goals,
I would want to write for you.)

Is anyone else getting an awkward
vibe from the cover above?

Whenever I see books or articles about the West
or Western civilizations
I, oddly enough,
start thinking about how the world is round.

This last book was not only
an Oprah's book club book,

I'm pretty sure it was also made into a movie.
Did anyone see it?
Was it a waste of time or not?

On a totally different note,
if you'd like to start getting email updates whenever
there are new
Books on my Parents' Shelves
in the cactus garden
please read the latest
housekeeping and weeding post
in the garden for more information.

And now I think I will never say
"for more information"
Unless I do.
But really,