Books 141-145

We have a boring post today.
It's an assembly of
Textbooks Taking Up Space

And this science book:

It's that exciting.

So, on to the TTUS...

If you hadn't already noticed,
for some reason they're in reverse chronological order.
whoever put these books on the shelf
had reverse OCD.

Does anyone else find the above title funny?
I think it's supposed to be dark,
or foreboding,
or something.
But it's not.

How on earth is the floating Liberty Lady's
toga staying on?
She's lucky she didn't step on those horses.
Or rather,
the horses are lucky she didn't step on them.

I think this last picture amuses me the most today.
I'm not sure how people standing around
equates a "New Nation."
But then again,
I guess that's why you read the book.

(Or not.
I'm not big on reading
Textbooks Taking Up Space.)