Books 136-140

Dear Books Blog Readers,
(Yes, that is officially your title now.
"Books on My Parents' Shelves Blog Readers"
is just too long and cumbersome
to say or type more than once in my lifetime.)

I was going to put off this post until tomorrow,
but after battling the post office today,
and watching my office printer not work for several hours
I figured we could all use something nice in our lives.

So here it is.
Book #136.
And five extra photos
from inside the book
to show you how awesome Book #136 really is.
(Why five extra photos, you ask?
Why not four?
Or six?
Google Blogger lets me load five photos at a time.
And I'm lazy.
Thus our normal five books per post format.
Aren't you glad you asked?)

For real now.
Here it is.
Book #136:

I love miniatures.
Good ones.
Not silly ones.
Check out how awesome this dollhouse is:

(I'd highly suggest clicking on the photos
so you can see the details clearly.)

I love the arches of the ceilings.
And the fact that the house has working lights and running water.
(I believe.
I didn't reread the details,
even though I
wanted to.)

Look at the keys on the piano!
I'm just all smiles now.
Someday I want to go on a road trip
to see all of this in person.

And the kitchen.
(Of course I had to include a scan of the kitchen,
that's just who I am.)
All that tiny cookware...
More smiles.

And finally, the grand hall.
The stairs.
The ceiling.
If you're not impressed
or in love with this book
we may need to find a mediator
to keep us from fighting.

And sadly,
that is all for Book #136.

Moving on to our normal fare,
we have an assortment of
Textbooks Taking Up Space.

As for this first title,
I don't think there is such a thing
as an appropriate age to die.
It kind of just happens when it happens.
Way to go teaching children ageism,

On to the next three,
of which,
I don't have much to say.

let's put these three books up to our newly,
and aptly,
named Books Blog Readers.
What do you think of this set of books?
What's weird, funny, or awkward about them?
What advice might you give
the author or the cover artist?
Judge these books by their covers!
(Winner(s) get bragging rights.)