Books 131-135

My brain is a bit fried today,
so I can't promise my commentary will be up to it's normal standard.
(I can't even think of a good description
of what that normal standard might be.
Imaginary points to the person
who comes up with the best descriptor.)

Our first book scares the hell out of me:

Apparently the English language is about
floating, decapitated heads.
What is it with English books and awkward covers?

Our next book's title does not appear to match the cover.

Behind all of that clock business,
I don't see a forest.
Do you?
I'm pretty sure that's a field.
Mr. Burke,
I suggest your next book be titled
and have a picture of woodlands or something
so you can claim irony or misnomers or whatever.

Next we have our first
(I believe)
Dean Koontz novel:

I have a signed letter from him.
I know I told you all that before,
but I really can't think of anything else to say.
It was a very polite letter.
And he supports libraries.
That's nice.

Have you been wondering about our new repeat offender?
Wonder no more.

Patricia Cornwell is back,
sporting the exact same book we saw her with last time.
Only this one has a plastic dust jacket
over the cover.
Not that you can really tell from the scan or anything.

Our last book falls into the
"Textbooks Taking Up Space"
Don't worry if you've never heard of this category before.
I just made it up.

not too much to say about this one.
I do find the size discrepancies
of the random objects drawn
rather amusing.
How on earth is that hammer almost the same size
as that the skeleton?

Getting ready to scan the bonus images for the next post.
I hope you're excited for book #136.
I know I am,
but then again,
I already know what book it is.