Books 126-130

This post is a lie.

None of the scans below are technically books.
At least,
not in the strict sense of the word.
And the second image
is a couple of the inside pages
of the first image.

You are being lied to.
These are not books.

Do you feel betrayed?
I'm sorry.
Now, get over it.
Let's move on with the post.

This is an
"I know and am related to awesome people"

Our first not-book is a program
from when my parents and their siblings were in high school.

And the inside pages I scanned
has the actor bios
for my father,
one of my aunts,
and two of my father's friends.

If you click on the image to enlarge it,
you'll notice
someone forgot to capitalize
my father's character's name.

we have more awesomeness
from my father and his friend EB:

I remember growing up hearing about this musical.
I think it's time it made a come-back.
I love the cover art they drew.
I can't help but smile when I see it.

Our next not-book is the cover page from a play.
I'm not sure if this is related to the play pages
from the last post
or not.

If it is,
that's pretty cool.
My father commented on the last post,
explaining that his parents had written a couple of plays.
If it's not,
then we can ignore this image
and move on with our lives.

And finally,
the last not-book
is a binder.
as per our agreement,
I scanned some note-worthy images from inside the binder
so you don't have to stare at a
boring rectangle.

This binder contained several of my grandfather's head-shots.
I'll admit,
it hit me pretty hard when I found these.
And even though the top photo made me laugh
(it was for a pasta advertisement)
it just reminded me how much I miss him.

Next post we'll return to real books,
I promise.

We will also see the return of a new repeat offender.

Who will it be?
Leave your guess below...