Books 106-110

I don't know about you,
but I'm impatiently waiting for us to get to the next bookcase.
Our next bookcase is packed with fiction books,
an atlas or two,
and other exciting treasures.

Meanwhile, we're still stuck looking at awkward literature books:

And film and theater histories
(though I do think,
for an older cover,
the cover artist did actually do a pretty good job here):

Plays (Hello, Mr. Shaw)
(Quick, does anyone remember if Shaw is a repeat offender or not?):

French textbooks
(Love the cut-out artwork on this one,
even though it feels dated):

And language books with ridiculous covers and titles:

It's a good thing that last cover was drawn and not a photo.
I can't imagine that scale being very comfortable,
or it being easy to balance
the pig/hog/whatever
on top of it.

So, yes.
I am eagerly awaiting our next bookcase.
Oh, and book #136.
That one is awesome.