Books 81-85

We have an odd mix today.
First up,
our first children's book:

How can you not love "Big Dog, Little Dog?"
It's awesome.
Well, I guess you could have not read it,
and therefore not know you should love it.
(Side note:
Today, a good friend of mine revealed he had not read
"Where the Wild Things Are."
Shocked, I immediately ran upstairs to the branch
and checked out a copy for him to peruse?
Why am I telling you this story?
A few reasons:
1. It's been a children's book kind of day.
2. I was reminded how much I like working for the library.
3. I'm pretty sure "Where the Wild Things Are" is going to turn up on this blog at some point.
4. There isn't that much to say about the other books in today's line-up,
so I'm filling up space so you don't feel cheated.)

Next, we have another journal.
It's pretty.
It has pictures and quotes inside.

Wave "hello" to Sholom Aleichem.
He's back with a book about a cantor's son.
(A cantor is a singer - usually sings or leads the songs during religious services.)
From this picture, I think I know what the story is...

... it's an epic tale about a boy who has a rare potato-tree for legs.
And a donkey.

Our last two books are religious books.
The first is a prayer book.
It belonged to my great-grandmother on my father's side.
I know this because her name is on the cover.
Thank you, grandma, for making this job a little easier.

Lastly, we have a copy of the Holy Scriptures.

Can't really say much about the scriptures,
but that's mostly because the cover is so plain.
Maybe if religions had better cover artists,
they would have a lot more converts.
They could catch the
"judging books by their cover"

On the note of religious stories and their (cover) art,
my work recently received a new donation for our fall event's silent auction.
Check this out.
And if your eyes are allowed to see things that have a rating higher than PG-13,
click the "look inside" button and flip through.
I'm still rather amazed,
and am not sure what I think.
I guess I have a neutral opinion,
if such a thing is possible.
Okay, apathetic.

On the plus side, the artist is very well-known.
And I now have a signed note from him.
Which is cool.

Now that I've spent a lot of time
discussing books that aren't on my parent's shelves,
I hope you're satisfied
and don't feel cheated by the fact that it wasn't the most exciting book day.